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Realtors and Property Management Companies

The Renovation Repair Paint Rule (RRP Rule) that applies to contractors and renovators also applies to Realtors and Property Management Companies.  This means that Realtors and Property Management Companies (that perform their own renovations, repair, or painting) are required to follow Lead Safe Work Practices when working on projects for pre-1978 construction.  LSWP are costly and result in projects taking more time and money to complete.  Anyone working on pre-1978 construction that has not had the property certified to be free of Lead Based Paint is required to be certified in LSWP/RRP practices.  Realtors and Property Management Companies failing to use LSWP while performing work on pre-1978 construction could potentially be fined up to $5,000 per infraction, if the property has not had a certified LBP Inspection.

Some examples of LSWP/RRP include: constructing containment around a house and yard where work is being performed, workers wearing respirators and gloves, and the use of industrial vacuums with hepa-vac filters. These practices can make a job that should have taken one day, take three days instead.

Other Benefits for Realtors and Property Management Companies

Getting a LBP Inspection from Lead Testers provides customers that are buying or selling homes through you peace of mind that their home does not have LBP.   We are finding that 60% of homes built in the 1950s, 80% of homes built in the 1960s, and 90% of homes built in the 1970s do not have LBP.  Having a certificate stating your home does not have Lead-Based Paint is a great selling point.  It is very important for a family’s safety as a buyer to know if their home has Lead-Based Paint and Lead-Based Paint Hazards.

Lead Testers is here to help. Realtors and Property Management Companies that use our services gain a competitive edge by having Lead Testers inspect a property for Lead-Based Paint and Lead-Based Paint Hazards.  Our inspection yields immediate results your company can trust to be accurate.  If our inspection yields a negative test result for the presence of Lead Based Paint, your company can continue the project without performing costly and time consuming LSWP/RRP work practices.  Our results are recognized by the State of Kansas and the Environmental Protection Agency as accurate and legally binding, so contact us today to have a Licensed Risk Assessor and Lead-Based Paint Inspector give you an inspection today.

We use the latest in technologically advanced and EPA approved and certified equipment.  The analyzer used by our company generates instant, accurate, and legally binding results.  If your company is ever required to defend your actions regarding LSWP, the results we provide you with can be used to support your claims in a court of law.  Our results are definitive; there is no gray area or uncertainty with the data that we provide.

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