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What to Expect from an Inspection

We make the inspection process simple for our clients. It begins with a client contacting us and letting us know what the scope of the project is.  From remodeling projects such as windows, doors, siding, and kitchens to an entire property, we are ready to provide you with definitive results.

The length of time an inspection takes varies depending on the scope of work, but most inspections take an hour or less to complete.  The device that we use provides instant data about the surfaces we test. If lead is detected, the Thermo Scientific Niton XRF analyzer calculates approximately how deep the lead is within the surface so that you can be sure how to utilize lead-safe work practices on your project.

After the inspection is completed, a certified report is given to the homeowner of the property.  If a company has been contracted to work on a project at that property, this company also receives a certified report.


Thermo Scientific Niton XLp Analyzer

NITON XLp AnalyzerWe use the handheld Thermo Scientific Niton XLp x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer. This device produces data so accurate that the State of Kansas and the Federal Government recognize it as legally binding. The data produced by this analyzer is encrypted, results can not be altered, which means you can trust that the answers we give you are accurate.

We are able to use this tool to test a variety of surfaces including but not limited to: window frames, walls, counter tops, toys, and electronics.

This is the same device that the Environmental Protection Agency uses to test for lead, so you can be sure that the results we provide live up to the EPA's standards.

Read more about the Thermo Scientific Niton XLp x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer at the manufacturer's website.


Niton XLp 300 Spec Sheet

Download PDF Here