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Remodelers and Contractors

doorpaintRemodelers and contractors are required to follow Lead Safe Work Practice/Renovation, Repair and Paint practices when working on projects for pre-1978 construction.  LSWP/RRP practices are costly and result in projects taking more time to complete.  Contractors and Remodelers performing work on pre-1978 construction that have not had a certified LBP Inspection of the property, or are not using LSWP, can potentially be fined up to $5,000 per infraction by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE).

Some examples of LSWP/RRP include: constructing a containment around the house and yard where work is being performed, workers wearing respirators and gloves, and the use of industrial vacuums with hepa-vac filters."
-From the EPA

These practices can make a job that should have taken one day, take three days instead.  Performing LSWP/RRP on all projects involving pre-1978 construction is impractical and expensive.  We are finding that 90% of homes built in the 1970s, 80% of homes built in the 1960s, and 60% of homes built in the 1950s do not have LBP.  These results are proving that in many cases LSWP/RRP are unnecessary.

KDHE Officials visit work sites to verify that LSWP/RRP work practices are being followed at pre-1978 construction and remodel work sites.  If a company is found to be disregarding LSWP/RRP work practices without certification showing the site tested negative for the presence of lead-based paint, KDHE and/or EPA will also investigate the company's past projects.  KDHE can fine a company up to $5,000 for each violation of LSWP/RRP work practices found during the investigation.


Lead Testers is here to help.  Contractors and Remodelers that use our services gain a competitive edge by having Lead Testers inspect a property for Lead-Based Paint and Lead-Based Paint Hazards.  Our inspection yields imm ediate results your company can trust to be accurate.  If our inspection yields a negative test result for presence of lead, your can continue the project without performing costly and time consuming LSWP/RRP work practices.  Our results are recognized by the State of Kansas and the Environmental Protection Agency as accurate, legally binding and admissible in a court of law.  Contact us today to have a Licensed Risk Assessor and Lead-Based Paint Inspector give you an inspection today.

By law, Contractors and Remodelers are required to provide Pre-Renovation Pamphlets and acquire signatures from owners of homes older than 1978 before beginning a project. We can provide you with these pamphlets and guide you through proper submission of receipts and record-keeping to assure that you are in compliance with the State of Kansas and Environmental Protection Agency Regulations."
-Lead Testers

A company working on a project at a pre-1978 construction work site in possession of a report certifying the absence of LBP, will not be fined by EPA or KDHE for not following lead-safe work practices.  Our results are recognized by KDHE and the EPA.

There are chemical test kits that test for LBP available at hardware stores.  These Tests are NOT allowed to be used for Lead-Base Paint Testing in the State of Kansas.  Results of store bought chemical test kits have been found to be inaccurate and will not support any company that finds themselves in court.  However, all Lead-Base Paint Testing performed by Lead Testers will be compliant with KDHE and EPA Rules and Regulations.

We use the latest in advanced technology and EPA approved and certified equipment.  The analyzer used by our company generates instant, accurate, and legally binding results.  If your company is ever required to defend your actions regarding LSWP, the results we provide can be used to support your claims in a court of law.  Our results are definitive; no gray area or uncertainty with the data that we provide.  All of our testing results are provided to KDHE quarterly as required by State Regulations. Clearance testing performed is per KDHE/HUD requirements and all testing media is submitted to a Licensed/Accredited and Approved Laboratory for analysis."
-Lead Testers

Contractors with HUD and other Governments Projects:

There are more strict requirements for contactors that perform work on  pre-1978 homes funded by HUD Programs such as CDBG, HOME and NSP Housing projects. Section 8 housing is also under the more stringent Lead Rules.

HUD requirements include all of EPA/KDHE requirements and include that all workers are to be Lead Safe Work Practice/RRP certified. All projects financed through HUD programs require a Lead Hazard Risk Assessment and Clearance at the completion of the project.  A contractor can elect to “Presume” there is Lead Based Paint and use safe work practices or, if the project is over $25,000.00 in costs, perform Abatement.  In either case, HUD requires Clearance Testing which involves Visual, Dust Wipe and, in some cases, Soil sampling at the completion of the project before payment is released.

At Lead Testers, we have experience working with HUD funded programs and the requirements necessary for a project to be completed in a timely and compliant manner with EPA/HUD/KDHE regulations.

HUD Regulations can be found at:

HUD Regulation Overview.pdf
Lead Safe Housing Rule and the_RRP Rule



Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule (RRP Rule)

Beginning April 9, 2010, all contractors working on pre-1978 construction projects, including but not limited to: homes, child care facilities, and schools, must be certified in lead-safe work practices/RRP and employ those practices in projects found to have Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead-Based Paint Hazards Present.

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Who it affects

Contractors, Remodelers, Painters, Plumbers, Electricians, Landlords and Property Managers anyone getting paid to work on Pre-1978 construction